Fast Start Guide to Buying Your First Bitcoin

If you are new to crypto currencies the information here will help you get started fast

How we use Bitcoin & other Crypto Currencies

When you join Trafficise you will need to pay your membership fee using a crypto currency. If you've never used a crypto currency before then start off buy purchasing some Bitcoin and making your payment in that way, this will mean you'll also be ready to start accepting payments from us as we pay all commissions direct to you in Bitcoin.

We understand that getting started with crypto seems complicated at first, but really it's not, and once you've purchased some Bitcoin and made your first payment using it you'll see how easy it really is.

We've put together these detailed step by step instructions to help you get started in as painless a way as possible.

Where to buy Bitcoin if you are new to crypto currencies

We recommend Coinbase, they are the largest Bitcoin broker in the world with more than 40 million customers worldwide so you can be confident in their service. When you register you will have to verify your account during the setup process but it's easy to do and of course you only ever have to do it once.

TIP: Buy at least $100 of Bitcoin as your first purchase and you'll receive an extra $10 worth of Bitcoin as a FREE Bonus.

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card through Coinbase

Step 1: Create a free account at Coinbase* (link opens in new window)

Step 2: Click your avatar in the top right corner of your coinbase account (1) and a menu will open, click on the "SETTINGS" link in the menu, then click "Payment methods (2)" and finally click "Add payment method (3)"

The add account screen will open as seen in the screenshot below. Note that the available options will vary depending on which country you are in. 

Start by adding a Credit/Debit card and then add a bank account as well because by doing that you will not only increase your limits but once fully verified you will then be able to withdraw cash direct to your bank account from Coinbase.

Step 3: Click the "Trade" button at the top of the page and the Buy window will open. Enter the amount that you wish to purchase, check that you are buying Bitcoin and that your Credit or Debit card is selected and continue to "Preview Buy"

You'll then see the "Buy now" button and the full breakdown of the purchase so go ahead and click "Buy Now"

You'll get a confirmation onscreen and via email that your purchase is complete and the Bitcoin is available in your BTC wallet.

How to pay for Trafficise from your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet

Payment Step 1: The payment process will start as soon as you submit and checkout during the account creation process at Trafficise. If you are reading this then it's most likely that you have already done that so you may need to restart the checkout process after you have Bitcoin available to spend. 

To restart the checkout process simply login to Trafficise account with the email and password you used when creating your account (you'll find a login link at the bottom of this page) and click "Get Lifetime Access" then when you submit and checkout you will see a screen showing the amount to pay and the address to send the payment to. Copy both of these into a text document as shown in the example below.

Payment Step 2: Login to your Coinbase account and click "Send" and the Send screen will open to your default currency, then click where it says BTC to change to BTC (Bitcoin)

Payment Step 3: Copy and paste the Bitcoin amount and payment address from your text document into the boxes as shown in the example below, then press continue...

Payment Step 4: Click send now to confirm the sending of your payment.

Your payment has now been sent to Trafficise and as soon as it is confirmed on the blockchain you will receive a payment confirmation email and be able to login to your account. 

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